Apply to IPC Ventures

We are always looking for new partners to collaborate with and support. Our team makes its itself available to Founders at even the earliest stages of development.

Our style is to jump in and get our hands dirty while our expert mentors provide valuable and unbiased advice and guidance.

Should you contact us we will, at a minimum, assess the current state of your project and provide you with insights into our selection process. We run a distributed platform and are able to accommodate teams in dispersed geographic locations. Simply email us at to start the process

If you have a clear vision for your product, a grounded understanding of your user base and the passion to pursue your chosen goals then we want to hear from you.

Check below for more details on what we look for:

We understand that for independent developers and early stage startups alike, resources are limited and schedules are tight.

At the same time we believe that a little preparation at the onset sets a strong foundation for any future collaboration

As much as this process is about understanding our expectations, it is also about clarifying your needs and whether we are the right partner for you.

We do typically require a pitch deck which includes the following elements:

  • Your current team, their background experience and their roles on the project;
  • A production time-line with milestones;
  • A market assessment and sales forecast;
  • A review of your financial needs;
  • And a little something to show us what makes your project unique and special.

For gaming projects we also would ask for:

  • An executive summary with game art and features;
  • A summary of story and characters;
  • A game trailer or early prototype

Spreadsheets and power points are all very well, but while they open the door to further discussion they rarely tell the whole story.

The presentation, be it face-to-face or over video conference, offers you the chance to get to know us, to understand what we can offer, and for you to properly share your vision with us.

This is potentially the beginning of a long journey together. We look forward to sharing that journey with you.